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With the capacity to handle extreme tilting moments, high output torques, all in a compact design, the IMO WD-H Slew Drives are especially suited as steering gears. In addition, integrated position feedback sensors support computer controlled steering systems.


Using IMO Slew Drives, cranes and special vehicles achieve unique manoeuvring capabilities including turning on the spot.


Sixteen IMO WD-H0490 Slew Drives on each side of this 80 m (262 ft) long special vehicle forms its steering system. Such vehicles have been used to move and place the concrete tracks of Shanghai`s magnetic suspension railway.





In concrete factories, large movable gantry cranes displace heavy and bulky prefabricated concrete. With the Slew Drive WD-HC 0645, each axle can be turned individually. The steering torque required with the maximum load while turning on the spot is about 150,000 Nm (110,639 ft-lb).




Ship lifting device to lift and place ships up to a weight of 650 tons. Eight Slew Drives of the WD-HC series carry this load capacity.


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