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Innovation is the key to future success in the marketplace!

Accordingly, the IMO Group has achieved several awards for its innovative products at the International Exhibition for Ideas-Invention-New Products (IENA).

IMO products have to prove their reliability under extreme conditions. Therefore, innovative ideas and solutions have to be found and realized.

For example, IMO manufactures special Slewing Rings using high-nickeliferous material. These Slewing Rings consist of high-nickeliferous material to avoid the expansion of the Slewing Ring during heating and contracting during cooling.

Also, new corrosion resistant solutions for Blade Bearing Seals which are used for offshore applications in large wind energy turbines ensure safe operation and long service-life. And patented, enclosed adjustment mechanisms for solar panels optimize the use of renewable energy.


IMO Slewing Rings are also used for power generation in underwater applications: A new, innovative rotor blade mechanism adjusts the rotors of a unique tidal power station in 15 m depth of water. The Triple Row Roller Bearing has to resist exceptional loads as the pressure on underwater turbine triples in comparison with the pressure on a wind energy turbine.


With IMO products you can break world records! The company Mammoet, used patented steering gears of IMO to break the world record in heavy load transport by transporting a 12 000 tons heavy oil and gas platform in the North East of England in May 2004.


To ensure the best possible performance for our customers, IMO engineers do an excellent job of using new material and technology every day!


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